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Why Open a Company in Jurong,Singapore?

Updated on Thursday 17th January 2019

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Why-open-a-company-in-Jurong-SingaporeSingapore is one of the greatest financial hubs in Asia-Pacific, outpacing countries like China and Japan which are also renowned for the investment opportunities they offer to foreign investors in all major industries. During the last several years, many residential parts of Singapore have started to develop at a fast pace, two of the most sought being Bedok and Jurong. If Bedok is located in the eastern part of the city-state, Jurong is in the opposite side: the western part of the city-state.

Our Singapore company formation specialists can assist foreign investors who want to open companies in different areas of the Republic.

Why invest in Jurong, Singapore?

Jurong is the most southeastern residential area in Singapore, meaning it also has an opening to two of the largest rivers in Singapore: Jurong and Sungei. These rivers also enabled the Government to establish a free zone in the satellite-city of Singapore: the Jurong Port Free Zone, so foreign investors have the great advantage of being allowed to open free zone companies here. Our company registration agents can help foreign enterprisers who want to open a company  in Singapore in Jurong Port.

Among the reasons for opening companies in Jurong, investors also mention the development of industries like tourism, manufacturing and telecommunications. It suffices to say that Jurong Port Free Zone authority won one of the greatest distinctions for the use of innovation the telecom sector.

Just like Bedok, Jurong is made up of several development areas, 12 to be specific, each dedicated to a certain sector. Jurong also has two satellite islands: Jurong Island and the Western Islands which ease the access to companies seeking to access the Chinese market.

Our company registration consultants in Singapore can offer more information on the investment possibilities in Jurong.

How to register a company in Jurong, Singapore

The company registration process in Jurong, Singapore will unfold like in any other developed planning area in the Republic. The first step to open a company in Jurong implies selecting and reserving an unique company name, then having the statutory documents of the business prepared. Our local representatives can help you with both procedures.

The documents together with the details of the shareholders and directors must be filed with ACRA. Based on them, ACRA will issue the Certificate of Incorporation of the Singapore company.

The following services are available for foreign investors who want to open a company in Singapore in Jurong:

  • -          company registration services;
  • -          accounting services;
  • -          nominee shareholder, director and secretary services,
  • -          virtual office services;
  • -          virtual CFO services.

For assistance in opening a company in Jurong, please feel free to contact our company formation agents in Singapore.


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