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Virtual Office in Singapore

Updated on Tuesday 31st March 2020

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By Vlad Cuc, specialist in company formation matters

Why opt for a virtual office in Singapore?

Foreign investors choose to purchase virtual offices in Singapore in order to benefit from competitive services at low expenses. Our consultants in opening companies in Singapore are ready to provide you with complete virtual office services according to your needs and requests. Our specialists in company incorporation can also offer company registration services.

You can contact us for details about our virtual office services in Singapore.

Communication services in Singapore

Our company formation agents in Singapore can provide a wide range of communication services starting with simple local phone numbers and answering services to more complex voicemail and call redirection services. We can take messages from our clients’ business partners and customers and redirect them to the provided mail address or phone number, as desired. Fax numbers are also available for clients requesting fax services. The voicemail services provided in a virtual office in Singapore allow the storage and conversion of voice messages into e-mails for a simpler and more precise communication. 

You can read about the advanatges of a Singapore virtual office in the scheme below:




Space services in Singapore virtual offices

Investors have the possibility to choose among the most renowned business centers in Singapore to set up their virtual offices. Due to the city’s technological development, clients can benefit from modern conference rooms equipped with high-speed Internet connection and last generation calling and video calling equipment. Foreign investors have the possibility to use their virtual office as a registered office in order to open their company in Singapore and this way they will receive all the correspondence to the virtual office and from there we will make sure it will be delivered to the specified address.  On demand, we can also collect and send our clients their bank statements.

What are the advantages of a virtual office in Singapore?

One of the major benefits of opting for a virtual office instead of a classic office in Singapore is the minimum investment that a virtual office requires. Nowadays foreign investors can opt not to hire any personnel and still benefit from professional services within a virtual office. They can also choose the business center they want to have their registered address at without worrying about the money they usually must invest in a classic office space.

The video below shows the main advantages of having a Singapore virtual office:



Our specialists in company formation matters can also provide you with all the details on how to open a company in Singapore. We can also recommend you other services for your office offered by our international partners. 



Why choose us?

Roger Pay is the Managing Director of Bestar and an experienced company formation consultant. He will help you open your company in Singapore as fast as possible. 


As a Bestar clientyou will benefit from the joint expertise of local lawyers and consultants for opening an offshore company in Singapore.





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