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Why Open a Company in Hougang,Singapore?

Updated on Monday 14th January 2019

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CF-comparison-Singapore-vs-Vietnam.jpgSingapore is made of several residential areas which connect the city-state with neighboring countries or serve as free economic zones and offer various benefits to companies operating with them. No matter where one decides to open a Singapore company, residential areas or towns like Woodlands, Tampines or Bedok offer numerous yet unique investment possibilities.

Apart for the three towns mentioned above there is also Hougang, which is the largest residential area in Singapore. Foreign investors interested in starting a business in Hougang can receive assistance from our company formation agents in Singapore.

Find out from the video below why you should open a company in Singapore's largest town, Hougang:

Hougang is the largest town in Singapore

Located in Northern Singapore, close to Tamipnes, Hougang was developed in 1977 and was known as the largest town in the city-state in which farms flourished at the time. During the years, Hougang expanded, now being considered as the “heart of Singapore”. Most of the large commercial companies operating in Singapore are established here. Hougang is also the urban area home to most of the citizens and residents of Singapore, therefore opening a company here will bring many customers.

If asking why one should open a company in Hougang, Singapore, it is enough to say that the town is one of the Lion city’s self-sufficient residential areas. Among the investment possibilities Hougang offers are related to the research and development sector, the healthcare industry, as Hougang is home to one of the largest medical research centers in the country and, of course, the above mentioned commercial industry.

Our company formation experts can also recommend other investment sectors in Hougang.

Open a compay in Singapore's largest town - Hougang

Foreign investors starting a business in Hougang, Singapore must first appoint a local agent or company which must prepare the documents of incorporation of the company and then file them with ACRA. The company must have a registered address in Singapore and many office buildings or spaces can be rented at good prices in Hougang.

Once the certificate of incorporation and the business license are released, the Hougang company can start its activities.

For assistance in starting a business in Hougang, please feel free to contact our Singapore company formation representatives. You can also rely on us if you want to open a company in Singapore in other parts of the country.


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