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Open an Advertising Agency in Singapore

Updated on Thursday 23rd September 2021

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Open-an-advertising-agency-in-Singapore.jpgThe advertising sector is one of the most profitable sectors in the Singapore media industry. From printed to online ads, advertising agencies nowadays can use a wide variety of tools to create and promote their products which simplifies a lot the work of those interested in setting up this type of business. Moreover, advertisements are present all over Singapore buildings which show how great this industry is in the city-state.

If you want to open a company in Singapore and have decided for an advertising business, you can rely on our company formation agents for support.

Registering an advertising business in Singapore

The first step to open an advertising agency in Singapore is to select a structure for the business. From partnerships to setting up a private limited company in Singapore, any type of business form can be used for this type of activity. Foreign investors interested in setting up an advertising business will need to appoint Singapore company formation specialists to handle the company registration procedure on their behalf.

Our Singapore company formation agents can help with the preparation of the documents related to the incorporation of the company, their filing with ACRA and the tax and GST registration procedures for those who want to create an advertising business in the city-state.

Additionally, the Singapore advertising agency may create its own website in order to promote their services. The same website can be used to create and promote digital ads for clients.

Licenses for displaying ads - presented by our Singapore company formation experts

The licensing of advertising companies in Singapore depends on where the ads will be displayed. If in the case of digital advertisements, the internet service and content provider permit is necessary, when it comes to placing billboards or distributing pamphlets various approvals from the authorities are required.

When opening an advertising agency in Singapore which will display billboards, approval from the following authorities is necessary:

  • -          the Building and Construction Authority, if the ads will be placed on various buildings;
  • -          the Land Transport Authority in case of companies placing ads on their car fleet;
  • -          from property associations, if the boards are placed on private buildings.

For full information or assistance in starting an advertisement company in the city-state, please feel free to contact us. Our company formation consultants in Singapore will also help with the registration of the company.They can also provide clients with shelf companies for sale in Singapore.

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