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Open a Website in Singapore

Updated on Monday 07th January 2019

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Singapore is well known as an international IT development center. Another industry has started to become very popular during the last years in Singapore: the online industry. More and more companies in Singapore have started taking their businesses in the online environment, not to mention that some investors prefer to invest directly in an online company. No matter the type of business one wants to set up, the Government provides several incentives for foreign investors opening companies in Singapore. The first step to open an online company is to create a website and register it with the Singapore authorities.

Our company formation consultants in Singapore can assist foreign investors who want to set up businesses in the IT industry.

The video below shows the steps to follow in order to create a website in Singapore:

Registering a website in Singapore

The first step to establish a company in Singapore is to register it with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority in order to have a registered address in the city-state. The second step will be obtaining the commercial license with the relevant authorities based on the activity to be undertaken. Then one must purchase and register a domain name with the Singapore Network Information Centre. Most companies use the following top-level domain names:

  • -             the .com.sg for any type of commercial activity;
  • -             the .edu.sg for education providers;
  • -             the .gov.sg for governmental institutions;
  • -             the .net.sg for providing Internet services;
  • -             the .per.sg for private individuals wanting to have a website in Singapore.

There is also the simple .sg domain which is available to any person. However, foreign citizens or companies seeking to register a .sg domain name must appoint a local agent to complete the procedure.

The registration of the Singapore website is done through authorized registrars. For details about buying a domain name you can refer to our specialists who can also help you open a company in Singapore.

Characteristics of domain names in Singapore

The .com.sg domain has become one of the most employed domain names in Singapore by those creating websites for their e-commerce businesses. However, when creating a website in Singapore, there are certain requirements one must fulfill in order to have a valid domain name. These are:

  • -             the minimum number of signs (letter and numbers) accepted is one;
  • -             the maximum number of characters is 63;
  • -             hyphens are accepted in Singapore websites, as long as they are not located at the beginning or the end of the domain name;
  • -             non-Latin letters are also accepted.

With respects to non-Latin characters it should be note that the Singapore Network Information Centre has also created two separate Chinese and Tamil top-level domain names.

Other requirements when setting up a website in Singapore

Both local and foreign citizens or companies creating websites in Singapore must comply with certain requisites imposed by the Network Information Centre among which:

  • -             the name must be free to use;
  • -             the name will be registered by the first person requesting the respective domain;
  • -             the registration of a domain name has a one to two-year validity period and must be renewed.

Our Singapore company formation advisors can explain the legal requirements related to creating a website in the city-state.

Registering the website as a trademark in Singapore

Even if it is not compulsory, registering a Singapore website as a trademark with the Intellectual Property Office can guarantee the safety of the investor’s online company. Trademarks are currently quite valuable intellectual property assets which is why it is recommended to register them. The Singapore website’s name once registered will provide great advantages to its owner and will prevent third parties from using it for wrong purposes.

If you need help with the domain registration procedure or assistance with the company registration steps you can contact our company formation agents who will help you open a company in Singapore as fast a possible. Our local agents can also provide information related to the advantages of opening online companies in Singapore.


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