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Obtaining Special Permits and Licenses in Singapore

Updated on Thursday 19th May 2016

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Special-Permits-and-Licenses-in-SingaporeBusiness licenses in Singapore

The business license is a permit released by the Singapore government agency that enables companies to conduct the business operations they register for with the Companies Registrar. Most business activities in Singapore dot not require licenses or permits in order to be carried out, the only step required being the company registration process with ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). However, certain business activities require certain special licenses or permits before commencing operating.

We invite you to watch our concise video about the process of obtaining business permits or licenses in Singapore:

What businesses require special permits or licenses in Singapore?

Among the business activities that require obtaining a special permit or license in Singapore are private schools, bars and restaurants, import and export companies, retailers selling alcoholic beverages, travel agencies, childcare facilities, banks and financial institutions and wholesalers. Singapore companies conducting these types of activities must submit their application for the special license when it registers with ACRA. The time span for obtaining the special permit may vary between 2 weeks and 2 months.

Professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, pilots and accountants are required to obtain special permits, also known as occupational licenses to practice.

Industry-specific special licenses in Singapore

As mentioned above, there are certain types of businesses that require special permits before starting operating in Singapore:

  • -       retailers will usually require to obtain a tobacco retail license and a liquor license;
  • -       telecommunication companies must obtain a special telecommunication dealers permit;
  • -       hotels must apply for a hotel-keeper’s license,
  • -       spas must apply for massage establishment permits,
  • -       hospitals must apply for three special licenses before starting operating: a medical clinic license, a permit for dealing with chemicals and licenses for medical procedures;
  • -       employment agencies must obtain a special permit from the Ministry of Manpower;
  • -       travel agencies must apply for a travel agent’s license with the Singapore Tourism Board;
  • -       financial institutions must obtain a capital markets services license, a commodity license or a financial adviser license depending on the activity to be carried out;

Other industry-specific special permits that must be obtained with the relevant authorities refer to real estate agencies and publishing companies.

Our  company incorporation representatives in Singapore will help clients in obtaining all relevant special permits according to the services carried out. You can also contact us for the company registration process of your business in Singapore.



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