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Obtain a Tobacco Retail License in Singapore

Updated on Thursday 06th December 2018

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Real-Estate-Due-Diligence-in-Singapore.jpgDuring the last several years, Singapore has become one of the largest distribution hub in Asia and Southeast Asia, most goods destined to countries in the region passing through here. This has helped a lot the economy which has led to the development of retail and tourism in the city-state. Among the most sold goods in Singapore shops and restaurants and bars was tobacco.

Those interested in selling tobacco and other related products must comply with several laws and apply for a tobacco retail license in Singapore. The laws to be respected are:

  • -          the Tobacco Law;
  • -          the Tobacco Regulations;
  • -          the Licensee’s Obligations under the Tobacco Law;
  • -          the Prohibition on Certain Products Law.

Our Singapore company formation advisors can offer more information on the legislation related to selling tobacco products in the city-state.

Below, you can watch our video on how to apply for a Singapore tobacco retail license:

Licenses related to selling tobacco in Singapore

Before starting the retail of tobacco and associated products, one must open a company in Singapore. Our company registration experts in Singapore can assist with this process.

Following that, starting the sale of tobacco must be preceded by obtaining one of the two types of licenses:

  • -          a tobacco retail license which enables companies to sell tobacco in premises such as bars, restaurants, shops;
  • -          a tobacco import/wholesale license which is available for distributors of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Our company formation agents in Singapore can offer more information on how to obtain a tobacco retail license.

How to apply for a tobacco retail license in Singapore

Those interested in setting up a business in order to sell tobacco in Singapore, must apply for the tobacco retail license with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). They must also know that they can obtain the license for certain premises only.

In order to obtain the tobacco retail license, one must file the following documents with the HSA:

  • -          a copy of the tenancy agreement for the place where the tobacco will be stored or sold;
  • -          a copy of the company’s certificate of registration;
  • -          copy of the ID or passport of the company owner;
  • -          information on the tar and nicotine tests;
  • -          an authorization letter from the manufacturer related to the products to be imported or sold.

For full information on how to apply for a tobacco retail license, do not hesitate to contact our Singapore company formation consultants.


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