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The 6 Most Common Investment Mistakes in Singapore

Updated on Monday 23rd March 2020

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The-6-most-common-investment-mistakes-in-SingaporeSingapore provides many investment opportunities which is why it has become a very attracting financial center for foreign entrepreneurs. The Singapore Stock Exchange is one of the most sought exchanges in the world because of its flexible regulations. However, there is also the probability to make a few mistakes when investing in Singapore. Our  experts in company formation in Singapore present below some of the most common investment mistakes one can make when first trading in Singapore.

1. The lack of clear investment goals when coming to Singapore

When first investing in Singapore it is very important to have your goals very well established. One of the most common mistakes foreign investors do is not having clear investment purposes. Taking the time to prepare an investment plan and designing a long-term strategy could prove to be among the best solutions to maximize your profits in the long run.

2. Not using all available investment tools

Most international players tend to be very careful when coming to invest in Singapore and do not take into consideration all the opportunities provided. Our experts  can present you all investment possibilities available by providing you with customized services and can help you open a company in Singapore, in case you would like to invest your finances in this way.

3. Taxation details in Singapore

One of the most important aspects of any type of investment is taxation. Singapore provides a very favorable taxation system comprising reduced tax rates, double taxation treaties for the minimization of taxes and other incentives for foreign investors. Our Singapore company formation specialists offer tailored accounting services and tax planning solutions.

4. Not having a  diverse portfolio when investing in Singapore

One of the smartest ways of investing in Singapore is to use a portfolio based on cash, bonds, private or public equities or hedge funds. Combined with choosing the right asset manager who will teach you how to allocate your assets you can get the maximum return on your investment.

5. Lack of patience

Patience is one of Singapore investors’ virtues. It usually takes time to benefit from an investment you just made. Taking you time to understand your investments and always analyzing what you can improve could be the key to success.

6. Not making an investment plan

You should always be aware that careful planning can help you improve your financial status and expand your future investments. Our Singapore experts can help you set up an investement plan according to your needs.

If you have decided to invest in Singapore and need assistance, you can rely on our local experts in who can help you open company in Singapore and can provide you with personalized services. Our team can also help you in other business related matters, from virtual office services to company liquidation services in Singapore.


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