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Opening a Casino in Singapore

Updated on Monday 07th January 2019

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Opening-a-Casino-in-SingaporeThe Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore

The Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) is a statutory board enabled by the Government in order to ensure the correct operation of casino operators in Singapore. The CRA also ensures that Singapore companies conducting gaming activities are compliant with the Casino Control Act which is the main regulatory framework enterprisers must comply with when setting up casinos in Singapore. Based on the Casino Control Act and with the approval of the Minister for Home Affairs, the Casino Regulatory Authority established a set of regulations comprising all the requirements operators registering casinos in Singapore must follow. Among these regulations are:

  • - how to apply for a casino license in Singapore,
  • - advertising issues,
  • - the gaming equipment to be used in casinos,
  • - licensing of special employees in Singapore casinos,
  • - responsible gambling rules,
  • - prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing regulations.

For a detailed list of all regulations issued by the CRA you may refer to our specialists in company incorporation in Singapore.

You can also find out from this video how to open a company in Singapore and set up your casino:

Applying for a casino license in Singapore

The Casino Control Act provisions the Casino License and Fees Regulations of 2009 for Singapore companies applying for a casino license. In order to obtain the license, the operator must file an application with the Casino Regulatory Authority together with the following documents:

The fees to be paid for opening a casino in Singapore are:

  • - 1,100 SGD for the application for a casino license,
  • - 22.8  million SGD per year for operating a casino,
  • - 19 million SGD per year for operating 2 casinos,
  • - 850 SGD for casino license renewal.

Apart from the licensing requirements Singapore casino operators are also required to hire special personnel.

Special personnel in Singapore casinos

Among the special personnel a casino is required to hire are the individual managing the Singapore company who will also be authorized to make decisions with respect to the operations of the gambling facility. Individuals in charge with the movement of chips, exchange of money and counting the money or chips also have a special status. The Casino Control Act provides for 4 categories of special employees:

  • - category A for senior managerial positions such as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer,
  • - category B for other middle-management positions such as pit, slot or audit managers,
  • - category C1 for dealers, cashiers and slot attendants,
  • - category C2 for technical support for the gaming equipment and surveillance.

Special employees must be licensed by the Casino Regulatory Authority in Singapore and may not gamble within the casino they work for.

For complete information on how to open a company in Singapore as a casino, please contact our consultants in company registration in Singapore.



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