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How to Start a Bakery in Singapore

Updated on Friday 21st September 2018

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How-to-start-a-bakery-in-SingaporeSingapore is one of the best states in Southeast Asia to start a business in the food industry. The numerous options combined with the budget established for such business can be combined in order to offer great expansion opportunities to foreign investors coming to Singapore.

Those who do not want to open restaurants can try and open other types of food-related businesses, such as bakeries. Below, our company formation agents in Singapore explain how to open a bakery in the city-state.

Company registration and licensing for a bakery in Singapore

Foreign enterprisers who want to open bakery businesses in Singapore must follow the same regulations as when setting up any other type of company which sells food. In order to successfully start a bakery shop in Singapore, one must:

  • -          register a company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority in Singapore;
  • -          apply for a tax identification number, for a GST number and register for social security;
  • -          finding a suitable location where the products can be cooked and sold;
  • -          applying for a food shop license with the Singapore National Environment Agency;
  • -          applying for other special licenses, such as import/export permits, if ingredients are imported.

For the Singapore company formation process of the bakery shop, foreign entrepreneurs can rely on our local specialists.

Why start a bakery in Singapore?

Among the most important reasons for which investors decide to open bakeries in Singapore are the fact that this type of businesses can be set up as small companies and the fact that the government supports small scale business which can operate from home.

The Singapore home-based small business program

The home-based small business program is suitable for starting a bakery in Singapore because:

  • -          there is no need to apply for any special license;
  • -          there is no need to hire employees;
  • -          it is cheaper to set up and maintain.

It should be noted that this program also comes with certain restrictions. However, the business owner setting up a small bakery registered as a sole proprietorship can change the business form into a limited liability company any time.

For assistance in opening a bakery, please contact our company formation advisors in Singapore.



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