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Establish a Wedding Planning Agency in Singapore

Updated on Thursday 06th December 2018

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Company-Formation-Comparison-Singapore-and-Hong-Kong.jpgThe newest trend all over the world it to set up small businesses which imply low registration and maintenance costs. Singapore is no exception to this and investors here have adapted to the requirements of the clients. One of the emerging industries in Singapore is wedding planning which resulted from the large number of tourists visiting the city-state. The spectacular views of the Lion City have determined visitors to also get married in the beautiful landscapes Singapore offers and this how the wedding planning industry appeared.

If you are interested in creating a wedding planning agency in Singapore, you do not need any special licenses. Our Singapore company formation advisors can assist with registration of the wedding planning business.

Services offered by wedding planning agencies in Singapore

Before proceeding with the company formation process in Singapore, a future owner of a wedding planning agency must determine:

  • -          the services he or she wants to offer;
  • -          create a business plan for the business;
  • -          establish a budget for the company;
  • -          setting up a marketing strategy.

Researching the existing wedding planning market and the services offered in Singapore is also a good idea before registering the company.

Registering a wedding planning company in Singapore

Whether you are a local or a foreign investor, you are allowed to open a company in Singapore, including a wedding planning business. No special requirements or qualifications are required to set up this kind of venture, however the Singapore company formation procedure must be completed. One can set up a Singapore wedding planning agency as a sole proprietorship. No matter the business form chosen, our company formation experts in Singapore can assist with the business incorporation process.

Qualifications and certifications for wedding planners in Singapore

Even if these are not compulsory, obtaining some certifications in the event management, photography or even wedding planning sector could make the difference in one’s business. Also, creating a database with caterers and building strong relations with distributors who can also offer some references should be taken into consideration when setting up a wedding planning agency in Singapore.

For assistance in registering a wedding planning business in the city-state, do not hesitate to contact our company formation consultants in Singapore.


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