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Establish a Water Technology Company in Singapore

Updated on Thursday 06th December 2018

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Most-Attractive-Investment-Industries-in-SingaporeThe limitation of water resources in Singapore has determined the Public Utilities Board (PUB) to come up with solutions which cater to the needs of the population. At this point, 45% of the water goes to Singapore homes, while the commercial and other sectors receive the rest. With close to 500 million gallons of water distributed per day, the PUB estimates that by 2030 the demand will increase considerably and will double by 2060.

In order to meet the demands of both the domestic and non-domestic sectors, the PUB has enabled two innovative solutions for ensuring the daily necessary of water. This is how the water technology has emerged transforming Singapore into a “global hydrohub”. At this moment, there are close to 200 water technology companies operating in Singapore.

If you are interested in investing in water technology, our Singapore company formation consultants can offer information on the legislation related to the supply of water.

Registering a water technology business -  a process presented by our experts in company formation in Singapore

The water technology sector is very appealing to young entrepreneurs and engineers. Many of them have contributed to the development of innovative potable water sources, among which various stations where water is treated or desalinated.

In order to open a company in Singapore in the water technology industry, an investor must register a company with ACRA and then apply for the necessary licenses with the Public Utilities Board.

Our Singapore company formation specialists can assist with the registration procedure of the water technology business.

Regulations for water technology companies in Singapore

Once the Singapore water technology company, it must comply with the Code of Practice issued by PUB. The code provides for sanitary works, drainage of water, collection and treatment of water. Also, the PUB has located various sources which used to catch the water and created a map which must be respected by water technology companies.

It should be noted the Singapore has developed two new modern sources: desalinated and reclaimed water. Reclaimed water was also patented by the PUB under the name of NEWater and it now one of the most employed sources for water technology companies.

For assistance in starting a business in the water technology sector, please feel free to contact our company registration advisors in Singapore.


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