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Company Due Diligence in Singapore

Updated on Tuesday 08th January 2019

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Company-due-diligence-in-SingaporeCompany verification in Singapore

Foreign investors doing business in Singapore use due diligence procedures on the companies they are about to conclude different transactions with. Company due diligence implies the process of evaluating a business from various points of view. Considering the expansion of the mergers and acquisitions market and the number of Singapore companies buying other businesses, company due diligence in the city-state has started to become a necessity for entrepreneurs.

With a vast experience in due diligence procedures, our specialists in opening companies in Singapore can help clients with the company verification proceedings.

What types of company due diligence can be conducted in Singapore?

Depending on the client’s needs our local experts can conduct the following company due diligence proceedings:

  • -          financial due diligence on companies;
  • -          legal due diligence procedures;
  • -          commercial due diligence procedures.

The verification of a Singapore company usually begins with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) which will provide information about the shareholders and the company’s financial situation. Inquiries with ACRA can be performed by our specialists who can also help you open a company in Singapore or by the interested party.

Why request the services of specialists for company due diligence in Singapore?

Company due diligence can imply an extensive search on a business which means a longer period of time will be required. Also, when it comes to complex transactions, the procedure will require more resources and complicated searches. Our Singapore representatives can provide clients with customized company due diligence services in order to cover all aspects such procedures imply.

With respect to financial due diligence, our agents can verify a company’s records, accounting system and its audited financial statements. Legal due diligence, on the other hand, implies a thorough verification of the company’s situation with respect to liabilities towards thirds parties or if the entity is involved in any litigation. Commercial due diligence will focus on the products and services the company offers.

For more information about the company due diligence services available, please contact our company formation agents. Our team can also help investors open a company in Sinapore and provide them with business related services. 

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