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Singapore, One of the World's Most Important Migration Investment Destinations

Written by: Bridgewest

Attracting foreign investors is one of the major goals of every economy, which is why countries all over the world create various residency and citizenship programs for entrepreneurs. From this point of view, Singapore is unique as the government has enabled programs which provide for obtaining citizenship or residency in the city-state. These schemes have brought Singapore one of the top positions among the indexes ranking countries based on the advantages they offer to foreign investors seeking to relocate. Our Singapore company formation agents can explain the conditions for obtaining residency or citizenship by investment in this country and help you open a company in Singapore. 

Singapore scored 50 points in the reports analyzing the programs

Years back, Singapore has created The Global Citizenship Program (GCP) and the Global Residence Program (GRP) in order to address the needs of foreign investors who want to move here. Today, the two programs have brought Singapore the 17th place in the world in terms of conditions offered to foreign enterprisers moving here under one of the two initiatives. The score registered by Singapore was 50 points out of the total 100.

There were 10 indicators which were analyzed by the report: the quality of life, the taxation system, the visa system, the total relocation costs, the requirements when applying for one of the two programs and the country’s reputation being among the most important ones.

Our company registration consultants in Singapore can also help foreign investors who want to relocate here by opening companies.

Singapore’s Global Citizenship and Residence programs

As mentioned above, Singapore is one of the few countries meeting the requirements of foreign entrepreneurs who want to either obtain citizenship or residency here.

In order to qualify for one of the programs, enterprisers must invest in certain industries in Singapore or purchase properties. The minimum amount to be invested is 2,5 million SGD. The amount can be injected in a startup company or an existing business based on a 3-year plan.

If you want to relocate to Singapore through one of the two programs, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also rely on us if you want to open a company in Singapore.


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