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Singapore Is the Most Attractive Location for Establishing Headquarters


During the last years, Singapore’s presence in the world’s top rankings has become usual, the city-state being quoted very well by foreign investors. This is because the government provided for a modern legislation related to foreign investments. This is how Singapore became one of the most popular locations for foreign companies establishing headquarters in various regions of the world. Foreign companies can set up subsidiaries or branch offices with the help of our Singapore company formation experts.


Singapore Proposes Several Changes in the Company Legislation


The government is constantly trying to offer a competitive legislation relation to the company registration procedure in Singapore which is why at the end of 2016 it has proposed several changes to the commercial legislation. The changes target Singapore companies and limited liability partnerships. A few older accounting requirements for companies have also been reviewed. Our Singapore company formation specialists can more information on the current provisions of the Company Law.

Singapore Occupied1st Place in the 2017 Reinvestment Ranking


At the beginning of the year, magazines and organization issue various reports. During the last several years, it has become a custom for Singapore to be present in top positions in this type of rankings, the last one being the FDI Reinvestment Index which was released at the end February. Our Singapore company formation specialists can offer information on the legislation related to foreign investments.

The ACE Startups Grant for Companies in Singapore


With a high rate of success, the ACE Startups Grant was first launched several years back. At the beginning of 2017, SPRING Singapore renewed the scheme in order to assist entrepreneurs with good business ideas to launch their projects. Below, our Singapore company formation specialists explain what the ACE Startups Grant implies. They can also help those interested in opening a company in Singapore.

Singapore, 4th Country in the World in Terms of Visa Access


For several years in a row now, Singapore occupied top positions in various index for the ease of doing business, quality of life and living conditions. All these indexed had subcategories related to the ease of obtaining a visa. A recent report on visa restrictions places Singapore on the fourth position in the world in terms of visa-free access. Our company formation consultants in Singapore can assist foreign investors who want to relocate to the city-state with the purpose of doing business here.

Singapore to Lower Stamp Duty Related to Real Estate Sales


Singapore is a preferred destination among Southeast Asian countries in terms of doing business in the real estate industry. The good quality of life attracts a great number of foreign citizens moving to Singapore from all corners of the world which has determined the government to reduce the stamp duties for those selling residential properties here. Loans threshold regulations were also improved in order to encourage the residential property market. Our Singapore company formation experts can assist foreign investors seeking to open companies in the construction or real estate sectors.

Singapore Ranked First in Terms of Infrastructure in 2017


Singapore city remains one of the best cities to live in 2017, as it occupies front positions in various reports issued by prestigious international magazines. The last survey of this kind places Singapore city on the first position in terms of infrastructure. Also, it should not be neglected that the city occupied this place while competing with more than 200 cities. If you are interested in relocating to the Lion City for business purposes, our Singapore company formation consultants can assist you obtain the entrepreneur pass.

Why Open a Singapore Offshore Company?


Singapore is one of the most appealing countries in Southeast Asia in terms of taxation which is why foreign entrepreneurs choose it when it comes to starting a business. The low business start-up and administration costs are also among the reason why investors decide for Singapore which is a rather small economy compared to a neighboring country like China. A less known fact is that Singapore is the first southeastern state to not be included on the OECD’s black list of tax havens which is why establishing an offshore company here has many advantages. Our Singapore company formation experts can assist those who want to set up an offshore entity.

Singapore Manufacturing Industry Grew by 2.2% in January


The manufacturing sector remains one of the best performing industries in Singapore at the beginning of the year, as according to statistics it rose considerably in January compared to the same period of last year. Singapore companies in the manufacturing industry reported a 2.2% increase at the beginning of the year. If you are interested in opening a company in this field, our Singapore company formation experts can guide you through the registration process.

2.8 Million SGD for Singapore SMEs in the Legal Field Going Digital


When drafting the 2017 Budget, the Singapore government has also conceived separate funding programs targeting each industry. One of these industries is the legal one which encompasses several segments, among the most important ones being consultancy. With one of the most performant legal systems in the world, Singapore had to keep up with the latest technologies which is why the authorities have set aside 2.8 million SGD for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the legal sector seeking to adopt technology. Our Singapore company formation specialists can offer more information the city-state’s legal system.

Singapore Education Industry Attracts More and More Tech Startups


Education has become one of the top industries in Singapore considering universities here are sought by foreign students all over the world because of the skills they can acquire studying here. Moreover, the local workforce is one of the best examples why Singapore is such a productive country, considering education is the first step to a well-prepared labor force. Lately, startups in Singapore have eyed this sector and started creating various applications schools and universities can use. Our Singapore company formation experts can assist foreign investors interesting in starting a business in the education sector.

SGX to Reserve 5% of the Total IPOs for Retailers


The Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) has issued a draft law through which it proposes all public companies intending to list their shares on the mainboard to put aside at least 5% of the offerings for retail investors. This way, SGX representatives want to acknowledge the importance of retail investors and their presence on the stock markets. Our company formation agents in Singapore can assist foreign investors interested in starting a business in the retail industry.

New Forecast: Singapore Economy to Grow by 2.3% in 2017


At the beginning of March, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) released a new report referring to the country’s economic performance for 2017. The good news is that compared to the first survey issued in December which forecasted a 1.5% increase, analysts now say the economy is set to grow by 2.3%. Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the city-state can rely on the company registration services in Singapore provided by our specialists.

Singapore Companies to Receive Financing for Expanding Their Activities


After the Committees on the Future Economy (CFE) stressed the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to reach markets outside Singapore, the government pledged to support their expansion by enabling a new fund. Through it, Singapore companies will have access to new financing methods. Our Singapore company formation specialists can assist foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the Republic.

Singapore Companies to Receive 1.4 Billion SGD as Targeted Support


Singapore’s new Budget was agreed by all the participants to its drafting that it should be targeted to specific industries, which is why the government has decided that companies would receive assistance based on a thorough evaluation of each sector. Manufacturing is the most important economic sector, however not all its segments have performed well last year and the government wants to even the gaps between these segments. Our Singapore company formation specialists can assist foreign investors seeking to open businesses in the manufacturing industry.

Singapore's New Budget Encourages Partnerships


After the 2017 Budget was presented in a general manner, government officials have started explaining in detail some of the measures meant to assist Singapore companies in developing. One of these measures refers to a stronger partnership between the government and industry representatives who are encouraged to adopt innovation. Our company formation experts in Singapore can assist foreign investors interested in opening companies in various industries in the Republic.

Singapore and UK to Enhance Economic Relations


At the end of February, Singapore and the United Kingdom announced the renewal of their bilateral Economic and Business Partnership (EBP). The two countries want to improve economic cooperation, as well as to come with new investment possibilities for both UK and Singapore companies in the other state. Our Singapore company formation agents can offer more information on the economic relations and agreements signed with the United Kingdom.

What You Should Know before Registering a Company in Singapore


Singapore is currently one of the most attractive investment destinations in terms of company formation in Southeast Asia. The number of foreign investors coming from European countries like Germany, France and Spain, but also from North America and even from neighboring countries says a lot about how attractive Singapore is for foreign enterprisers. Before registering a company in Singapore, a foreign investor should take into account several factors which will be explained below. Our Singapore company formation specialists can assist those interested in opening a company in the Lion City.

What Does Singapore's 2017 Budget Propose?


The long-awaited 2017 Budget was finally released at the end of February and it came as no surprise to anyone that it is business-oriented and focused on the recommendations of the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE). Economists say that the new budget is “fiscally prudent”, which is good news for Singapore’s economy. Foreign enterprisers interested in opening a company in the city-state can request our company registration services in Singapore.

5 Reasons for which Singapore Is an Important Private Wealth Management Hub


During the last several years, Singapore has become an important private wealth management hub not only on a regional level, but on a global one. Moreover, Singapore is expected to evolve even more so that by 2020 the city-state will surpass Switzerland, the world leader in terms of offshore wealth management globally. Below we will explain in 5 simple points why it is worth choosing Singapore as a private wealth management center. Our company formation specialists in Singapore can assist investors interested in establishing a trust in the city-state.

FDI in Singapore in 2017 to Register the Same Values as in 2016


Foreign investment levels are expected to remain the same as in 2016 in Singapore this year, despite the macroeconomic uncertainty. This is a good news for Singapore, considering the results registered last year, when the number of foreign enterprisers interested in industries like manufacturing, innovation and technology were very interested in the city-state. Our Singapore company formation experts can offer more information on the foreign investment legislation.

Singapore to Lower Patent Application Fees


Innovation is at the core of each Singapore company’s growth which is why the Intellectual Property Office (IPOS) has proposed new measures which will help them protect their intellectual property rights. Concretely, IPOS wants to reduce the patent and trademark application fees starting the 1st of April this year. Our company formation specialists in Singapore can offer full information on the legislation related to the protection of intellectual property rights.


CFE Proposes New Economic Development Measures for Singapore


Right before the 2017 Budget was released, the Singapore government enabled the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) to propose a set of measures which would boost the city-state’s economy. The CFE came up with seven strategies which would span over the next decade. Foreign investors interested in investing in the Republic, can rely on our Singapore company formation experts for assistance in starting a business.


Tourism in Singapore Registered a Record Increase in 2016


In the last few years, Singapore has become a magnet for tourists interested in exploring Southeast Asia and numbers come to confirm this fact once more. According to the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), the number of visitor arrivals and tourism receipts rose last year by 7.7%, respectively 13.9%. Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the tourism industry are invited to get in touch with our company formation specialists in Singapore for details on what is needed to set up a business in this sector.

Singapore Central Bank to Support Innovative Companies


After the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) released a document in which is it outlined its proposals for supporting Singapore’s economy, the Monetary Authority (MAS) also issued a report which provides for assisting innovative companiesFinancing is one of the key sectors on which the MAS plans to focus on this year. If you are interested in setting up an innovative company, you can ask for assistance from our company formation experts in Singapore.


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