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Singapore to Enable Two Digital Platforms for Maritime Companies


First enabled last year, the Industry Transformation Maps Program was retaken this year with a more focus on the maritime industry. Not only that, but the Singapore government in cooperation with the Maritime Ports Authority (MPA) also agreed in the launch of two new digital platforms which will create deeper connections between the maritime and the trading sectors. Our Singapore company formation experts can assist foreign investors seeking to establish a company in the maritime industry.

Singapore Manufacturing Output Rose at the Beginning of 2017


The manufacturing industry is perhaps one of the most volatile economic sectors in Singapore, if considering the differences between its evolution at the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. A recent survey reports a strong recovery of the manufacturing sector during the first months of 2017, quite the opposite of how last year ended for this industry. Our company formation specialists in Singapore can assist foreign investors interested in exploring the investment opportunities the manufacturing industry offers.

Singapore Awarded the Maritime Capital of the World in 2017


The trading industry has brought Singapore the first position in terms of maritime services for the third time in the last few years, which speaks very well about the city-state’s capacity of adjusting to the latest requirements shipping companies have. Foreign enterprisers interested in starting a business in the maritime industry can rely on the services provided by our Singapore company formation specialists.

Singapore Electronics Sales Rose by 10.2% in March


The manufacturing industry was once more the engine of Singapore’s economy at the beginning of 2017. This time it was the electronics sector which drove this growth, thanks to the increasing number of exports. Foreign investors interested in opening a company in the electronics industry may receive full information on the company registration requirements from our Singapore company formation specialists.


Trading Industry in Singapore Registers the Highest Growth in 2017


Since the beginning of the year, the Singapore trade sector registered the highest growth compared to other industries thanks to the increase in the manufacturing segment. According to statistics, April was the months in which the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rose the most – from 52.2 to 52.6. Further increases are expected during the next few months thanks to a stronger business sentiment. Our Singapore company formation specialists can assist foreign investors interested in starting a business in the manufacturing industry.

Singapore Offers Automation Incentives for Engineering Companies


Singapore is known as one of the largest producers of computer parts in the world which is why a great number of engineering companies are registered here on an annual basis. This is year, their number is expected to grow even more as the Singapore government has enables various incentive schemes meant to compensate the lack of specialists in the automatic engineering industry. Our local agents can assist foreign investors interested in starting a business with the company registration process in Singapore.

What Makes Singapore One of the World's Largest Trading Centers?


Foreign trading companies seeking to expand their operations in Southeast Asia need to look no further as Singapore was announced as one of the largest commodities trading hub in the world by one of the most prestigious magazines worldwide. Below we will take a look at what Singapore has to offer to foreign investors. Also, our Singapore company formation specialists can assist those interested in starting a trading company in the city-state.

Singapore to Support Private Companies Through Special Funds


A few years back, the Singapore government has started a collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) through which private companies would benefit from assistance when contracting funds form this bank. At the beginning of May, the two parties have renewed their agreements so that Singapore private companies coming up with sustainable urban solutions would still benefit from support when accessing finance with the ADB. Our company formation specialists in Singapore can help foreign investors interested in starting a business in the Lion City.

Singapore to Take Chairmanship of the ASEAN in 2018


The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, shortly known as ASEAN, is the largest organization in the region which promotes economic cooperation between the countries in Southeastern Asia. In 2018, Singapore will take the chairmanship of ASEAN which is why the officials have already drawn a plan in which trade facilitation and digital economy play the most important role. Our company formation experts in Singapore can offer more information on ASEAN. They can also help if you want to open a company in Singapore.

Singapore to Become a Trading Hub for Liquefied Natural Gas


Singapore has started paying more attention to a commodity which has not been explored at its best until now: liquefied natural gas (LNG). The government has decided to amend the Gas Act in order to accommodate more companies supplying petroleum and petroleum-based products. Foreign investors interested in investing in the oil and gas industry can rely on our company formation services in Singapore.

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