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Jurong Port Launched New Training Program for Workers


Jurong Port is one of Singapore’s nine free zones, as well as one of the most developed residential areas in the Republic. Considering how much the area expanded during the last several years and how much the number of foreign enterprisers has grown, the authorities have decided to open a training institute which will help the Singapore workforce located in Jurong. If you are interested in opening a company in Jurong Port, our Singapore company formation experts can assist you with the company registration procedure.

Manufacturing Industry in Singapore, Increase of 21.3% in December 2016


The manufacturing industry reported very good results at the end of 2016, as in December this field increased by 21.3% compared to the same period of 2015. In order to open a company in Singapore in the manufacturing field the investors will need to respect a set of legal requirements and, depending on their activity, to receive special permits and licenses for a specific activity. It is also necessary to mention that the highest growth for the manufacturing industry was registered in the electronics and pharmaceutical domains. Our team of specialists in company formation in Singapore can provide more details on how to register a manufacturing company

Singapore to Become the Leader for the IPO Market in 2017 in Southeast Asia


The mergers and acquisitions market seems to be one of the most promising investment opportunities for enterprisers in Singapore in 2017, according to recent surveys. Initial public offerings (IPOs) are expected to see the most interesting development as Singapore will most likely become the preferred option for those seeking to invest in real estate trusts (REITs). Our company formation specialists in Singapore can offer information on the legislation related to mergers and acquisitions in the Republic.

Retail, the Biggest Earner in Singapore's Tourism Sector


Tourism is one of the most profitable industries in Singapore, according to data released at the end of last year. This is because together with the adjacent sectors it is one of the most important contributors to the city-state’s economy. If in the last several years casinos were the main attraction for tourists, in 2016 they were replaced by the retail segment. If you are interested in investing in the tourism industry and want to start a business, our Singapore company formation specialists can guide you through the company registration process.

Why Set Up an Online Shop in Singapore in 2017?


A recent study showed that 2 in 3 Singapore residents prefer stores which also have online shops and even mobile apps. That is because they want to have several options before choosing the right item. Helped by the development of the retail industry in Singapore, many shop owners have heeded the desires of their customers, however many shops still prefer to stick to their physical stores. Below, you can read why opening an online retail store has many benefits for retailers. Our Singapore company formation experts can help you register a company if you want to start an online business in the city-state.

The End of 2016 Brought an Increase in Singapore Exports


Singapore’s trading relations with China and the European Union helped the city-state hit a record in export numbers in November 2016. According to IE Singapore, the national trade agency, the non-oil domestic exports (NODX) index rose by 11.5% in November 2016 compared to the same month of the previous year. If you are interested in starting a business in the trading industry, you can rely on our Singapore company formation experts for assistance with the company registration procedure.

Singapore Manufacturing Sector Registers Increase for 4 Consecutive Months


The manufacturing industry is one of the best sectors to invest at the moment in Singapore. All reports issued by both private companies and the central authorities show this industry registered a three-month increase at the end of 2016, while a separate report announced this upward trend continued during the last month of last year. If you are interested in investing in the manufacturing sector, our company formation specialists in Singapore can assist you with the company registration process.

5 Financing Options for Startups in Singapore


The number of startup companies in the Republic is higher than ever, as the Government supports foreign investors to open companies in all major investment industries in Singapore. One of the key factors leading to their success and development is access to financing and below we will present the five most important financing options available for startups in Singapore. You should also know that our Singapore company formation experts can assist you with the registration procedure of the company.

Singapore to Improve the Maritime Sector


Singapore is one of the most important maritime Asian gateways to the Chinese market which is why the Government plans to help companies in this industry by providing them solutions which would help them cut fuel costs in the near future. For this purpose, one of the largest engineering companies in Singapore has enabled a new laboratory which will develop clean energy solutions for the maritime industry in the city-state. Our Singapore company formation specialists can assist foreign investors interested in opening companies in the maritime sector.

How to Choose and Buy Commercial Real Estate in Singapore


Foreign investors have many business opportunities in Singapore and investing in real estate is one of them. Buying commercial property in Singapore for subletting it or using it yourself can be a good investment for those considering this option. Below you will find some interesting pointers on how to choose a commercial property in order to obtain a maximum return on your investment. If you want to buy a property with the aim of starting a business, you should also know that our company registration agents can help you open a Singapore company.

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