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Singapore, the Best City in Asia for Foreign Citizens


Singapore has become a top destination for foreign citizens relocating to another country for living, working or business purposes, according to a recent study released by InterNations. Singapore ranked fifth in the world, based on the 2016 survey. Singapore is also one of the countries with a population made up mostly of expats. If you want to relocate to Singapore, our company formation specialists can help you apply for an entrepreneur pass.

Singapore, Home to Some of the Richest People in the World


According to the latest Wealth-X Billionaire Census for 2015-2016, Singapore is the 6th city in the world in terms of billionaires. The report shows 37 of the wealthiest families in the world live in Singapore and they place the city-state on the same map with renowned cities for richness, such as New York, Moscow, Beijing and London. This is also due to the fact that the number of high net worth individuals has grown in the past year. Among the factors attracting billionaires to Singapore, the developed financial industry seems to be one of the most important ones. If you are interested in moving to the city-state in order to open a Singapore company, our local representatives can assist you.

Singapore and Luxembourg to Cooperate in the R&D Industry


Singapore has good economic relations with Luxembourg, especially in the investment funds sector and recently the two countries have signed two new agreements related to the research and development (R&D) industry. While the city-state already has a good infrastructure for R&D projects and incentives for innovative Singapore companies, Luxembourg is taking its first steps towards developing this economic segment. Our company registration experts in Singapore can assist foreign investors interested in setting up innovative companies in this country.

Singapore Launched New Transformation Map for the Food Manufacturing Sector


When it launched the Industry Transformation Map, the Singapore Government announced that the program would gradually be developed for each economic sector. This time it was the food industry’s turn to benefit from governmental aid. This way, Singapore companies operating in the food manufacturing industry will help with the transformation of the city-state into the largest food and nutrition network in Asia. Our Singapore company formation specialists can assist foreign investors interested in setting up a food business in the Republic.

What Does the Singapore Auto-Inclusion Scheme Entail?


In order to help Singapore companies to streamline tax filing requirements, the Inland Revenue Authority (IRAS) has enabled various schemes which provide for submitting various forms related to the corporate tax and insurance payments for employees a company must pay. The latest form refers to the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for income resulted from employment. Our Singapore company formation representatives can offer full information on the taxes a company must pay in the city-state.

Why Invest in the Engineering Industry in Singapore?


Many industries considered emerging sectors a few years back are now among the most important for Singapore’s economy. One of these industries is engineering which has developed quite fast in the last five years. The services cluster registered a spectacular growth this year as Singapore companies have benefited from the incentives granted by the Government for the engineering industry. Our local representatives can help if you want to open a Singapore company.

Singapore Property Owners to Benefit from Tax Reliefs


The real estate industry is one of Singapore’s most developed economic sectors. This is due to the incentives dedicated to those seeking to purchase a property here. Their number rose quite a lot during the last years so that construction companies have started building more. Not only the residential, but also the offices cluster has seen significant growth in the last 2 years. Our company registration specialists can help you open a Singapore company in the construction industry.

How to Transform a Startup into a Successful Business in Singapore


The last five years have brought significant changes on the startups scene in Singapore. If until then the Singapore economy showed little entrepreneurship, now many enterprisers have managed to raise their companies from small to medium or even large ones. The main reason that led to this change is the fact that it became easier to do business in Singapore. Our company registration specialists in Singapore can assist foreign investors who want to open companies here.

How to Pay the Stamp Duty for Shares in Singapore


The Singapore taxation system is made up of several taxes imposed on various incomes. One of these incomes refers to the shares issued by a Singapore company. The tax imposed to any of the transactions with shares is called a stamp duty. Our Singapore company formation experts can offer foreign investors information about the advantages of the taxation system in the city-state.

How to File Tax Forms for Companies in Singapore


In the new 2017 Budget, the Singapore Inland Revenue Authority (IRAS) included the new requirements for filing e-forms. The new forms are meant to ease the submission of tax returns and to reduce the time spent by company representatives in front of the IRAS’ windows. The provisions also allow for small companies in Singapore to have more time to comply with the new regulations. If you want to open a Singapore company, you can rely on our company registration experts.

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