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Singapore and Chinese Companies Sign New Partnership Agreements


The cooperation between Singapore and China continues with several partnerships inked by companies in both countries. Several Singapore companies have signed five memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with a Chinese bank at the middle of September. Our company registration agents in Singapore can offer more information on the agreements signed by the city-state and China so far.

When to Close a Business in Singapore


The rate of success among companies in Singapore is a high one. However, sometimes not everything goes as planned and some business owners find themselves in the difficult position to shut down their companies. Even so, most of the times one cannot read the signs that indicate it is time to close the business in Singapore. Below you can find a few pointers on when it’s time to shut down your Singapore business. Also, no matter if you want to open a company or shut it down, our company registration agents in Singapore can assist you.

The Singapore Dollar


The Singapore dollar is the official currency of this republic. Its history begins when Singapore became a British colony and it had to change currencies. At first it was named Straits Dollar and once Singapore became a Malaysian state, the city-state currency changed to the Malaysian Dollar. When Singapore became an independent republic, the government enabled the Board of Commissions of Currency which released the term “Singapore Dollar” as a national currency. Foreign investors seeking to open a company in Singapore will find below some interesting facts about the city-state’s official currency, the Singapore dollar which is shortly known as SGD.

The Plumbing Industry in Singapore


The plumbing industry in Singapore is well represented by a number of companies that provide services with the help of qualified professionals. Plumbing contractors in Singapore usually have many years of experience and provide a wide range of services, providing their customers with repair, replacement and maintenance services. The company registration procedure for a plumbing company in Singapore is simple. Individuals who want to open a company that offers plumbing services in Singapore have the option of streamlining the incorporation process if they use the services provided by a specialized firm.

Singapore Renews Technology Adoption Programme for Companies


Launched a while back, the Technology Adoption Programme (TAP) will receive an upgrade in order to provide improved solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. The scheme is dedicated to Singapore companies seeking to incorporate new technology in their processes in order to boost productivity. If you want to open a company in Singapore, you can rely on the company formation services offered by our local representatives.

Number of Tourists in Singapore Rose in June


Southeastern Asia is currently one of the most sought touristic destinations in the world and Singapore is among the most desired countries to travel to in this part of region. This is also reflected in tourism being one of the most developed industries in Singapore. This year, the first month of summer also meant the highest increase in the number of tourists visiting the city-state since last year. Our company formation agents in Singapore can help foreign investors interested in opening travel agencies here.

What Does the 99% SME Initiative Entail?


The 99% SME initiative was launched last year and renewed this year with a new set of measures designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore, as its name says. Among the new tools enabled for this year are solutions for improving productivity and allowing to use contactless payment terminals. Our company formation agents in Singapore can assist foreign investors interested in opening companies in the city-state.

Singapore SMEs Centres Scheme Was Renewed


A partnership between SPRNG Singapore and several other governmental agencies started several years back has rendered such good results that is has been renewed for three more years. This time, SPRING Singapore has joined forces with the People’s Association (PA) in order to help SMEs in the city-state to access the SME Centres scheme. Our company formation agents can help foreign enterprisers who want to open a company in Singapore.

New Set of Resources to Help SMEs in Singapore


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore will receive assistance related to marketing, e-commerce and online payment methods through a new set of tools and resources. One of the largest banks and telecommunication companies in Singapore have started a partnership in order to offer these tools. Our company formation agents in Singapore can help foreign investors set up from small to large companies in the city-state.

Singapore Launches New initiative to Support Engineering Industry


Singapore is currently trying to help all economic sectors to develop, which is why it is taking it step by step to launch new products or schemes in order to assist all industries. This time, the engineering industry will be given a boost through a recently launched platform. Our company formation agents in Singapore can assist foreign investors in opening a company in the engineering industry.

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