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Company Formation Singapore



Singapore Was the 2nd Safest City in the World in 2017


Foreign investors who want to open companies in Southeast Asia have another reason to choose Singapore apart from the usual taxation system and governmental incentives, as the city-state was named the second safest city in the world in 2017. If you want to open a company in Singapore and need assistance, our local advisors will guide you through the registration process of the business.


Outsource Sector, One of the Most Prolific Singapore Industries in 2017


The BPO (business process outsourcing) industry has become a powerful Singapore economic sector in the past few years, reaching one of the highest growth rates in comparison with other well-established industries. The large number of small companies offering BPO services transformed the data center market in Singapore into one of the most profitable sectors in 2017, with an annual revenue estimated at 1.3 billion SGD (934 million USD). If you want to set up a BPO business in the city-state, our Singapore company formation agents can advise you.

2 in 5 Fintech Companies in ASEAN Are Registered in Singapore


During the last few years Singapore has developed one of the most appealing environment for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which are now the engine of all performant economies in the world. However, Singapore has one more advantage over other countries in the region and that is the banking system which offers various financing solution which has led to the development of fintech companies. This is how Singapore is now home to 2 in 5 fintech businesses in the ASEAN community. If you want to set up a business in the city-state, our Singapore company formation agents can help you.

Singapore, One of the World's Most Important Migration Investment Destinations


Attracting foreign investors is one of the major goals of every economy, which is why countries all over the world create various residency and citizenship programs for entrepreneurs. From this point of view, Singapore is unique as the government has enabled programs which provide for obtaining citizenship or residency in the city-state. These schemes have brought Singapore one of the top positions among the indexes ranking countries based on the advantages they offer to foreign investors seeking to relocate. Our Singapore company formation agents can explain the conditions for obtaining residency or citizenship by investment in this country.

Singapore, One of the Best Southeast Asian Data Center Locations


A recent study carried out by Cushman & Wakefield places Singapore among the preferred destination for businesses to operate in Southeast Asia. More precisely, Singapore is one of the top 10 locations for data centers, according to the survey. Singapore obtained 84.5 points out of the total 100 granted by the company. Foreign enterprisers who want to open companies in the city-state and need assistance can rely on our company formation services in Singapore.

Investments from US Rose at 258.9 Billion USD in Singapore


In 2017, Singapore has managed to become the most attractive place for doing business for US companies, according to recent reports issued by both the Singapore and US Statistics Offices. Moreover, US businesses injected capital into Singapore companies more than in Japan and China together. Our company formation specialists in Singapore can offer information on the legislation related to foreign investments in the city-state.

Electronics and Services, Two of the Best Industries in Singapore in Q2

  • The Singapore economy went through one of its best phases in the second quarter (Q2) of 2017 thanks to the value added by the electronics and the services sectors. July was the best month so far for the electronics industry and its subsectors, while services have had a steady increase during the summer months. Our Singapore company formation experts can help investors interested in starting a business in the city-state.

Singapore Ranks 7th in the Regional Auto Sales Index


Singapore has one of the wealthiest urban populations in the world which helps it achieve high scores in most international studies carried out every year. This time, Singapore ranked 7th in the 2017 BMI Research’s auto sales index and it was the high lifestyle of its population taking the city-state to this level at a regional level. Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the Lion City can set up various ventures in the auto industry with the help of our Singapore company formation specialists.

Optimistic Business Outlook for the Services Sector in Singapore


The Singapore services industry is currently going through one of its best moment. Moreover, a great number of companies in this sector expect for the business conditions to improve towards the end of the year. Foreign investors interested in the services industry in the city-state can receive assistance from our Singapore company formation specialists if they want to establish a business.

Singapore Manufacturing Activity Registered the Fastest Increase in July


Manufacturing is one of the engines of Singapore’s economy and local factories keep registering good results. July was the best month of the second quarter of 2017 for manufacturing companies in the city-state as the number of new orders and new exports rose substantially. Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the manufacturing industry have various options and can receive assistance for the Singapore company formation process from our local consultants.


Explore Our New Company Formation Tool in Singapore


We always try to meet our clients’ demands and with the purpose of easing the process through which they can open companies in Singapore we launched a new tool through which you can start the company incorporation procedure once you enter our website. This new online tool will allow you to experience a fast-track company formation process in Singapore. Before you get started on your own, we will describe below how the application works.

Singapore and China to Enhance Cooperation in the Financial Sector


Singapore and China have very good trading relations as Singapore is one of the main logistics hub in Southeast Asia and the number of goods passing through the city-state on the way to or from China is very high. However, the two countries continue to enhance these relations by collaborating in other areas also. The latest cooperation between Singapore and China targets the financial sector. Our Singapore company formation consultants can offer information on the financial system in the Lion City.


Singapore Is Asia's Best Port for the 29th Time


Surrounded by other renowned ports in the region, Singapore managed to obtain the 29th award as the best seaport in Asia coming ahead Shanghai and Hong Kong. Singapore is well-known for the facilities it offers to trading companies using warehouses in its port or waterways as a transportation means. If you want to open a company in Singapore in the Port of Singapore, you can rely on our company registration advisors.

June Was the 10th Expansion Month for the Singapore Manufacturing Sector


Singapore’s economy continues to rely on the manufacturing industry as recent numbers released by the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM) indicate June was the 10th consecutive month in which the manufacturing sector rose. Exports, factory output, a growing number of orders and inventory have contributed to the success of the Singapore manufacturing sector. Our Singapore company formation advisors can assist foreign investors who want to open a company in this thriving industry.


Singapore Retail Sector Rose by 2.6% in April


The Singapore Department of Statistics, Singstat, released a new report which shows the retail industry has started the second quarter of 2017 on a positive note, as sales in this sector rose by 2.6% in April. The report compares sales registered by Singapore retail sector this year with the values reported last year during the same period of time. Our company formation experts in Singapore can assist investors interested in starting a retail shop in the city-state.

Singapore Economy to Grow by 2.5% by the End of the Year


Financial analysts in Singapore have brought some good news at the beginning of the month when the Monetary Authority of Singapore, MAS, has conducted a survey on the economic forecast of the city-state. These reported a 2.5% economic growth for Singapore by the end of the year. The previous survey carried out in March predicted a 2.3% increase. Our company registration specialists in Singapore can guide foreign investors interested in starting businesses in the city-state.

Singapore SMEs Encouraged to Adopt Digital Tools


The partnership between the private and public sectors in Singapore is proving very useful for e-commerce companies these days, as two new programs were launched. The first one, the 99% SME e-marketplace was recently launched by the players on the private market, while the SME Go Digital Programme is the government’s scheme meant to help small and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore. Our company registration consultants in Singapore can assist those interested in setting up small or larger companies in the city-state.

More Relaxed Rules for Robo-advisory Service Providers in Singapore


At the beginning of this month, the Singapore Central Bank released a draft consultation paper through which it proposes the introduction of robo-advisory services for financial companies in Singapore. The proposal comes after two companies have already been authorized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to provide such services. Our company formation specialists in Singapore can assist foreign entrepreneurs who want to open companies in the financial sector.

Companies in the Private Sector in Singapore Are Performing Well


A recent survey issued by Nikkei Singapore shows that the second quarter of this year brought a significant increase in the private sector. The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) grew up to 52.6 points in April from the 52.2 points registered in March. This was also the highest increase since November last year. If you want to open a company in Singapore and need assistance, our local company formation consultants can guide you.

Singapore Ranks 3rd in the Asia-Pacific City Motion Report


Not a month passes without Singapore being mentioned in a global survey. This time Singapore ranked as the 3rd model city in the Asia-Pacific region, according to the Cities Motion Index conducted by IESE Business School. Singapore has retained the same position it had last year. Foreign investors interested in doing business in the city-state can rely on our Singapore company formation specialists if they want to open a company here.


Singapore Wholesale Trade Grew by 23.5% in the First Quarter of 2017


Wholesale traders in Singapore have reported a spectacular increase in their incomes since the beginning of the year, according to the Department of Statistics. The report presented by the agency announced a 23.5% growth for the wholesale industry, except for the petroleum segment which registered a slightly lower increase during the first quarter of 2017. Foreign investors who want to open a company in Singapore can rely on our company formation services no matter the industry they choose.


Singapore Occupies Top Position in the Digital Competitiveness Index


Undoubtedly, Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in terms of digital economy in the world and one of the most popular surveys comes to confirm that. According to the 2017 Competitiveness Index issued by the IMD World Competitiveness Centre, Singapore took the first place in terms digital competences. The programs introduced by the government and which have transformed Singapore into a smart city based on digitization have brought the city-state this position. Our company formation representatives in Singapore can assist foreign investors interested in starting a business in the information technology sector.

Singapore Exports Rose by 15.2% in Q1 of 2017


The manufacturing industry remains one of the most powerful economic sectors in Singapore as recent reports show the goods produced by local companies have had increased demands in export numbers during the first quarter of the year. The exports of electronic and non-electronic products are the one to have contributed to the generous growth of the trading sector during the first part of the year. Our company formation consultants in Singapore can offer information on the customs regulations related to exporting goods outside the city-state.

Singapore Tech Startups Will Be Allowed to List Shares on the SGX


IT companies in Singapore represent a great portion of the startup segment. These companies are registering a fast growth, however a little push from the government in collaboration with the authorities is always welcome. This is how a public-private partnership between the representatives of these companies, the Singapore Stock Exchange and the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) will boost the operation of these businesses. Our Singapore company formation specialists can assist foreign investors interested in starting a business in the information technology industry.

Singapore to Enable Two Digital Platforms for Maritime Companies


First enabled last year, the Industry Transformation Maps Program was retaken this year with a more focus on the maritime industry. Not only that, but the Singapore government in cooperation with the Maritime Ports Authority (MPA) also agreed in the launch of two new digital platforms which will create deeper connections between the maritime and the trading sectors. Our Singapore company formation experts can assist foreign investors seeking to establish a company in the maritime industry.


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The experts at OpenCompanySingapore.com helped my clients establish a company in Singapore fast and easy. I would definitely recommend them to any foreign investor interested in forming a company in this Asian jurisdiction.

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