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10 Unusual but Profitable Business Ideas

Updated on Thursday 07th March 2019

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By Vlad Cuc, specialist in company formation matters

Singapore offers many business opportunities, being one of the most open countries in the world from this point of view, which is why those considering opening a company here can set up the weirdest types of businesses they can think of.

Our company formation agents in Singapore have prepared a brief presentation of 10 unusual, yet very popular, business ideas. We also want to remind you that we can help you open a company in Singapore.


1.The square watermelon business idea

Growing square watermelons is definitely one of the most unusual ideas, however, it caught up with supermarkets which find it hard to store round watermelons which is why it has become popular all around the world. Throw in a higher price and you will have one of the weirdest, yet great business ideas ever for a company in Singapore.


2.The rent-a-chicken for your urban farm

Urban farming – a new and appealing idea for those interested in growing their own vegetables, however, it is harder when it comes to having a small animal farm. This is how the rent-a-chicken business idea appeared. It enables people to rent chickens and see if it is worth to raise hens.


3.Opening a rage room in Singapore

The rage room is that place where you can go and throw or smash things around or do anything that will help you get rid of stress. If you want to open a company in Singapore for creating a rage room, it is quite easy to succeed with the help of our local consultants.


4.A dog hair salon

In a world where pets are treated as royalties, the dog hair salon business idea fits like a glove. The requirements for setting up such business in Singapore are not stringent, however, the profits can be huge!


5.The pet loo business idea

Sticking to the pet world, the pet loo is another unusual business idea which has caught to animal lovers. What is the pet loo? It’s a simple piece of fake grass which is put on top of a waste container and thus increasing the comfort of the owner and the pet.



9gag is one of the most popular business ideas which first appeared in Hong Kong. What is unusual about it? The popularity it gained for a website which allows people to upload funny pictures and videos. So, if you are considering setting up a website in Singapore, you might want to consider 9gag.com as an example. 


7.Themed restaurant ideas

Yes, there are plenty of weird restaurants out there and some of the most popular of them are in Asia. The toilet and the airplane restaurants are just two of them. So, if you are considering opening a restaurant in Singapore, you can choose an usual theme, it will definitely stir up the interest of tourists.


8.Canned fresh air

Selling canned fresh air one of the weirdest business ideas on the planet. It first appeared in China and then spread in countries all over the world.


9.Something-anything for 10$

Something-anything for 10$ is a simple online store. The weird thing about it is that you will send 10$ and receive anything from that store. But you will definitely receive something.


10.Cat cafes

One of the most popular business ideas in the world – cat cafes are both entertaining and relaxing. Singapore is definitely the city in which such a café would work perfectly.


Do you want to open a company in Singapore and have any other weird idea? Let us help you set it up and contact us now!


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